Rayaneh Safir Khavarmianeh Company (Private Company) under Nikita trade mark has been established since 2001. The basic aim of the company has been providing services in office and banking equipments, and now, after years of continuous and non- stop efforts, has been managed to achieve the highest level of quality and quantity.
Considering the production and imports of related products, this goal has been obtained in line with the country’s interests in a way that the supply of high quality products has prevented the waste of country‘s foreign exchange resources.
It also has been managed to accomplish its mission vis-à-vis obtaining the long term and continuous costumers’ satisfaction with distinct after sales services. Of course the company keeps going ahead in order to obtain its costumers’ satisfaction as much as possible.
Utilizing a permanent showroom, an equipped technical and backup center and continuous cooperation with more than 75 sales and after sales services representatives around the country, Rayaneh Safir Khavarmianeh Company is honored to has a considerable share in the national market. Of course that’s not the end and the company keeps going on by hard working.

Special attention to customers’ demands and satisfaction as well as establishing friendly relations with employees, that most of them accompanied us since the beginning of our mission, along with well known costumers, experienced agents, young and diligent staff are all the main reasons behind our good business reputation.

Rayaneh Safir Khavarmianeh

Under nikita trade mark

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