What happens if there are half bills or bent bills in currency counter while The counting ?

Disrupt the operation count and the machine will stop and an error message appearson screen

Is a solution the useful life of the currency counter?

A detailed study of the manual - periodic service by expert technicians and -remove the dust from the surfaces of mechanical and electronic parts by consumers (pumps, wind machines can be used for this work)

What should I do if the machine jams?

If jamming is caused by overloading the shredder, just press the 'Reverse' button to extract the excess material and then insert the right amount of paper.

what effect Separation is of used and worn bills in the manner of performance ?

Counting was done smoothly and prevent the device from being stopped repeatedly.

What are your recommendations for increasing the useful life of the machine?

A - Always follow the capacity limit. B - machine lubrication should be at regular intervals. C - Deviceto refrain from entering into other objects.

What is the maximum input capacity of my machine?

Permitted capacity of any machine or device on the frame are listed in the Manual.

What to do when the device does not OVERHEAT!

A - classified documents, and can change at different times. B - always less than the maximum permitted capacity, the documents into your device.

How minutes Time required to start this device is shredding?

For efficiency of 100% should wait at least 90 minutes.

what intervals should be better at Shredder device lubrication ?

Most manufacturers recommend lubrication shredder devices once every 30 minutes is. The easiest way to having this time, the lubrication system after each time trash isemptied. If you grind CD reduced this interval, the more lubrication is needed.

After 10 to 15 minutes of continuous work shredder falls (in a different model this time is 20 minutes)?

Nikita shredder devices equipped with thermal protection to prevent damage to the engine and motor, the machine automatically stops after that time. Obviously, aftercooling the engine will start working again.

How shredder lubrication should be done?

Oil spills to the helix on the surface of paper and put it into your device.

Basically you shredder machines need oil?

Yes, all devices for proper function and continuous shredder, need to have oil shredder.