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Shredder Kobra Cyclone

Cut Type : Cross cut

Sheet Capacity: 500 sheets A4

Cut Size: 14*18/3*4 mm

  • 24 Months Gold  Warranty 
  • 5 Years Blade Warranty 
  • 1 Year fire and theft insuranc
  • Regular periodic service

Product Specification
Cut Type Cross Cut
Shreds CDs/DVDs Yes
Security Level Level 2
Cut Size 14*18/3*4 mm
Speed 80/420 m/min
Sheet Capacity (A4/70g) 500 sheets()A/70gr)
Throat Width 325*220 mm
Double Entries Respectively For Paper and CD No
bin Capacity 400 liter
motor power 6000 watt
Motor Thermo Protection Yes
Dimension 800*2112*2100 mm
Weight 220 kg
Other Specification Crushing capacity: 80 to 420 kg per hour
Crushing credit card: 45000 Number of hours
Crushing CD, DVD: 15000 Number of hours
Crushing the floppy disk: 7000 hours numbers
Input voltage: 380 to 400 volts (3 phase)
Blades of steel reinforced
Manually start and stop automatically
Automatically stop filling the tank
With continuous 24-hour work
Cardboard and aluminum cans with the ability to grind boxes and plastic
A reservoir bag
With wheels

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