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Shredder Nikita U5

Cut Type : Cross Cut

Sheet Capacity: 15 sheets 

Cut Size : 4*40 mm 

  • 24 months gold warranty
  • 3 months replacement
  • 5 years blade warranty 
  • 1 year fire and theft insurance

Product Specification
Cut Type Cross Cut
Shreds CDs/DVDs Yes
Security Level Level 3
Cut Size 4*40 mm
Speed 2.6 m/min
Sheet Capacity (A4/70g) 15 sheets (A4/70gr)
Throat Width 225 mm
Double Entries Respectively For Paper and CD Yes
bin Capacity 20 liter
motor power 350 watt
Motor Thermo Protection Yes
Dimension 360*270*563 mm
Weight 11 kg
Other Specification Motor with thermal protection
Start and end the use of automated electronic eye
Automatic cut out of the tank
If the auto-filling the tank with warning lamps
If you enter more than the capacity of the automatic translation of the paper
With 24 hours
Reinforced steel blade for chopping needles, Eclipse, credit card, CD, DVD
The ability of paper separate from the retail CD, DVD with two separate reservoirs
With wheels
With beautiful designs and different

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